A word from our minister.

Hi. Thank you for visiting our website.We hope that as this site develops you will be able to learn more about the many things that go on in and around Kirkton Church. We hope that if you are not too far away you might also want to come and pay us a visit in person. If you want to listen to an audio version of a service, You can download one here.

Kirkton Church has been around since 1832 and we are a church with a long tradition…. a tradition of change. We’ve not always been able to change as quickly as some would like but throughout our history the leadership has always seen the need to adapt to changing circumstances. What hasn’t altered, however, is our desire to let people know about the good news of Jesus and the difference he can make in people’s lives.

We have a special privilege in Carluke of enjoying really good working relationships with all the other Christian churches in the town and in fact the three Church of Scotland congregations in Carluke have entered into a special relationship with each other called a “Parish Grouping.”

Our church has also recently been developing links with other parts of the world, in particular Kenya, where we have partnerships with a church, a school and an orphanage. We have also hosted a group from South Korea and are pursuing the possibility of developing links with a congregation in Seoul.

Call back to our website to see the latest developments.
Better still come and see us for yourselves on Station Road, Carluke.
Iain Cunningham (Minister)
The Church of Scotland - Kirkton Parish Church, Carluke.

Scottish Charity Number: SC026539