House Groups

 Bible Study House Groups

Presently there are 3 house groups meeting from early October until mid June. Two groups meet weekly and one meets fortnightly as follows:

1. Weekly on a Monday night at 70 Belstane Road with shared leadership.

2. Weekly on a Wednesday night at 48 Barmore Ave. led by Stuart Johnson.

3. Fortnightly at Under Shieldhill Farm, Station Road, led by Margaret Dunlop.

We try to have joint house group meetings, with our minister, three times a year. We also have a Christmas Party and a barbeque /meal at the end of the session and sometimes we meet socially for meals or outings to Christian concerts etc. Presently there are two groups with 12 members each and one group with 6 members. A typical meeting can entail the following, although obviously, there will be some differences between each group.

7.30 – 8.00 : coffee and a chat       

8.00 – 8.30:  singing of praise & worship songs

8.30 – 9.40 : undertaking a study with follow up discussion

9.40 – 10.00 :short time of prayer

There is a very relaxed and caring atmosphere within each house group and members support one another during difficult times and also celebrate happy occasions like special birthdays etc.  Being part of a House Group is an ideal and enjoyable way to get to know fellow church members and helps give you the sense that you truly belong to the Kirkton family.  Why not seriously consider becoming a member of a house group?  The church’s desire is to grow more groups but we need you to come along!  If you’d like more information please contact the church office or one of the following leaders:

Margaret Dunlop (Co-ordinator)

Linda Brown      

Stuart Johnson