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CHRISTMAS GREETINGS from the orphanage

posted 8 Jan 2016, 03:23 by clydesdale foodbank

Dear Friends, On behalf of Beatrice, the Children and all of us here, We most sincerely Pray for a wonderful time of Christmas and the New Year 2016.We look back with thanksgiving to a year of favour and gracious hand. The Lord has been faithful delivering us from evil even in the most critical of situations. The Lord has used you and all our dear friends in Scotland, helping us meet daily needs. We thank you for never tiring or giving up and in this most noble cause. Thank you for your commitment and stepping in hence making a huge difference in the lives of the children.  Because of you, several children have reached their milestones. This includes, Francis who completed high school and recently managed to get a Job, from where he will be able to support himself as he goes to college. Dan and Ibrahim both with mental handicap, have received three years of Vocational education and have since the end of November like Francis moved out of the home. They are beginning January 2016, will be setting up a Shop and investing in tailoring, some 120 km North of Nairobi. We shall be supporting them with the equivalent of $300 (Ksh.30,000) [£201.75] every month for six months as they settle. Whereas this may be an extra need we have faith that this too shall be met. Because of You Nancy one of our girls has joined college after four years of High School and is now focused in training as caterers and hence achieving her goal. Not to mention the over 20 kids that continue their education.As we celebrate Christmas 2015 we are thankful to the Lord for the blessings that you remain. May the Joy of Christmas continue to cause you His Peace, Rest and Increase of His Grace and Faith in Christ. 2Peter:3:18

Merry Christmas and Blessings into 2016.  Julius.