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posted 6 May 2016, 02:52 by clydesdale foodbank

 Greetings in Jesus Name. Good to hear from you. We are all well by God's Grace, although we have had a challenge in the past few days  with  attempted break in (Twice) at the orphanage, But we thank God  for the company security guard  and the neighbours are equally kind. We value your continued Prayers. We know The Lord who has protected us in the past remains most faithful. 

Beatrice and I decided after much Prayer sometimes back to donate our small piece of Land we  bought after getting some payment (Beatrice) was paid from her retirement. This means the Orphanage does have two pieces of Land. The Paper work is not officially out. This is one of the reasons we kept the surprise. It also keeps hurting us to see the greed with landlords who raise their rent at will.  The other reason is we just wanted to do it as our own quiet contribution and there is no hidden motive.

 On the first piece of land  we Now intend to build a small dispensary  a Chemist, and possibly a bookstore in  the future, as it is close to a developing busy road and this would  offer some long term support in the future of the orphanage. Security-wise we it is exposed and with our lessons on this matter it may not be prudent to put up a dormitory there. I WANT TO ASSURE YOU THIS LAND HAS NOT CHANGED HANDS AND IS STILL AND WILL REMAIN IN THE NAME OF THE ORPHANAGE, even though as Ian and Elizabeth remember, we do have a small community Church on  it where we worship with the Children and the locals. It is protected through trusteeship and cannot be easily changed now and in future.

Please do forgive us if this may have caused any misunderstanding or confusion in the way we have communicated But again we remain committed and most fearful of the Lord who has called us as stewards, We appreciate your Love and trust.

Sincerely in Christ, Julius