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posted 16 Mar 2018, 04:25 by clydesdale foodbank

 Greetings in Jesus Name to You, Minister Ian, Friends of Kenya and the Church.

We continue to fervently pray daily for you with thanksgiving indeed for the gift you are. Thank you very much for the transfer that we have noted was made on the 9th of this month. Ksh.192,479 has been credited.

Thank you very much as this again goes along way and as answered prayer as we trust Him to meet needs daily.

Through your support since the last transfer we have been able to pay school fees for three children in high school, for the twelve children in primary school, for Margaret Wambui who joined a special school for mental students, and support for the others  who are out of the home and still need support.

We have had food, medical care utility's and monthly needs courtesy of your help. We have had the first Phase of public health government inspection conducted last month. They recommended certain changes, including, repairs, repainting of the toilets, purchase of new bedding's, repairs on clothing cupboards. This are the activities we are working on and part of you transfer will go to this, besides meeting the regular needs.

Please pray with us  that we shall get the approval and that the Lord will go before us and fight every corruption cartel that may seek to block us.

We have one of the boys, Calvin Mbugua joining the University in May. This was not possible this first quarter because he could not easily obtain a Kenyan Identity card as one coming from a children's home, Thankfully this is now sorted out. We trust God for support to enable him study.

We are in urgent need for extra support to hire a male janitor and a full time Manager which is now a requirement for a children's charity. This would affect  our current situation with food prices and utility services remaining high. In the meantime we are auditing our books and remain most thankful for your continued trust.

Beatrice and the children are keeping well and I continue to value your prayers for the metabolism challenge, and believe God for continued healing.Thank you for Your Love.

May the Lord Continue to Bless and Keep you. Psalm, 89.15, Psalm, 29.11, Psalm 27,14.  Love you, Julius