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posted 23 Nov 2018, 02:20 by Liz Barthram

ALTERNATIVE GIFTS IN AID OF KENYAN ORPHANAGE.  These will be on sale in the large hall after the service today.


Greetings in  Jesus Name. We remain most grateful for your continued Love and support,  which enables us to  meet  needs every month. We truly thank God for His faithfulness through you.

Currently have 13 children boarding and another 7 on outreach, as well as some of the older ones who left but are not fully settled as they come for some counsel, guidance or food weekly or bi weekly, This includes, Dan Mwaniki, Sharon Akoth and Ibrahim Mwaniki. Tumaini Awour who also left two years ago, cannot join university due to lack of school fees, at Chuka University, Eastern Kenya.

Hiram Kinuthia and Brian Nyaga have just completed primary school and are joining high school early in January, They join Mary Nyambura and Esther Muthoni who are in high School in form three. 

Calvin Mbugua just joined Egerton University this Last September and is continuing study in sociology. All the other small children are  in primary school.

In the meantime we have also been engaged in supporting children through an outreach program. These are basically very needy children from very poor background and as we work to build their capacity to learn grow themselves especially in education and behaviour. We have a family of four girls whose mother  has suffered numerous physical abuse and is not able to take care of them. We have been supporting the eldest girl Lucy Nayambura 21, and assisted her in laboratory medical course as well as in housing .

She equally has endured abuse over the years and had been struggling to finish her Diploma course at Thika Insititute, just outside Nairobi. She is awaiting to further the same in a University, Her other Sisters,  Maureen Njoki 13 joining High school this coming January , Pauline Ruita 16  joining high school in January 2018. Esther Wanjiku 9  Primary school and Lucy Nyambura,  she is   continuing her training in medical lab into University, as funds become available.

There is a recommendation from the children's Department for all Children's homes to do more outreach work so that children can have some attachment to immediate family social support . I will also forward to you few children from a Pastor Antony Mathu and Lucy Wanjiru from a village called Igegania,  45km  East at Thika, where there is a lot of child abuse. We are working together in providing spiritual and counselling support, even though we have not had the enough provisions to give them at least for food or clothing. As the Lord provides we would like to support in a small way as part of our orphanage outreach ministry. even this Christmas.

One other boy George Ombech 13, is undergoing correctional help in a remand home for the government  and would be returned before Christmas. It is noteworthy he was caught in a vice, by the police and the judiciary recommended this probation measure. We have previously counselled and taken him through some therapy without much success. He has no known relatives and he comes from western Kenya some 460 km west of the country.

 In August, 2018 we also received  two girls about 18 years of age, Miriam and Salome, who were brought by the Local chief for short term food and housing support as they attend a local village polytechnic.

We have attached a few pictures of the children , building and beddings.[ hope to get tehes printed and on the notice board next week] We would like to add a court of paints as well. In summary, we trust God for clothing, shoes, School fees, Books, Tuition fees  both for University and High School, other running and re-current expenditures, mattress, a water pump, among others that may been listed in the previous emails. In addition we have a Company that provides security guard services for the night, two full- time mothers, a Social worker and we are now also required to hire a male janitor. Beatrice (my wife) takes time to work daily programmes and food issues/ administration. I do help in counselling, guidance and in liaising with the government. In the meantime, we have completed all the paperwork and continue to await approvals for additional more in- house children . We ask for your prayers against corruption,  that has always attempted to block this path.

Once again thank you very much for your continued support. We remain in daily fervent prayers for all of you. Equally coveting yours too, for all of us and for my health. Thank you very much Yours Faithfully.  Julius Kamau (Pastor)

PS FROM SHONA Just a quick note to let you know that Julius does not keep well. As Julius puts it he has metabolism challenges and more recently is suffering from Hernia challenges.. He has had difficulty with his health thus the lack of contact. As I am sure you will appreciate Kenya does not have an NHS. Thus these difficulties with his health are not so easily treated. 

Please keep Julius and his family as well as the Orphanage in your prayers. They really do appreciate all of Kirkton Church and the Friends of Kenya support .