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posted 11 Nov 2016, 03:53 by clydesdale foodbank

St Andrew’s Hospice is 30 years old and the building requires to be substantially upgraded  The Capital Appeal aims to raise £ 9 million  to reconfigure and refurbish and to assist in the £4.6 million  the Hospice requires annually to fund current services and to make it fit for the future by 2019. The Presbytery of Lanark has asked all congregation s to uplift a Retiral collection to help raise funds for the Capital Appeal. The Kirk Session of Kirkton unanimously agreed to this request.  The retiral collection uplifted on 4th December will be sent to St Andrew’s Capital Appeal If you wish to donate by Gift Aid, envelopes are available . There will also be small items for sale in the Church hall supplied by the Hospice. Please give generously.